Company Overview

Graphite Signature

Graphite Signature Sdn Bhd (GSSB) is one of the Bumiputra Company based in Perak that has been operating since December 2011. GSSB specializing in environmental management, Department of Environmental (DOE) compliance, water treatment system in the commercial, industrial, sewage treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants and infrastructure. We also provide environmental protection work consultancy and agriculture management and engineering services. Our company always strives to provide excellent service as well as competitive price in construction, public works and others.

The objective of our company is to develop and improve efficiency by providing quality service in solution, maintenance and construction projects as well as environmental and engineering work.
The company has been registered with the authorities especially the Ministry of finance (MOF) and Construction Industry Development Authority (CIDB) as the G3 contractor specializing in B04, B25, CE20, CE21 and M15.


To develop GSSB in the Malaysia industry and related sector by providing and enhancing services, relationships and profits.


The main thrust of our company is to always act with integrity in each of our interactions to ensure that our customers get the true value of our experience. Our vision is to maintain and develop our influence as a leading contractor company in a market where the company’s reputation is built on customer confidence where we provide our customers with excellent service quality and efficient service through innovative application of capabilities and engineering technology.

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