MA Graphite Sdn Bhd

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VPD Graphite sdn bhd

VPD Graphite Sdn Bhd (VPD) is an independent company offering high quality technical services in improving the environment issues occur in Malaysia. Services are provided in the disciplines of environment consulting, schedule waste management, special waste management, environtment monitoring & surveillance and management & conservation of soil.
VPD was organized and establish in 2015, our multidisciplinary team focuses their expertise toward practical, cost effective solutions to complex environment problems. Our staff’s in-depth industry expertise ensures the highest quality and technical defensibility of all services and work products. Our objective and interest are to help organization or industries comply with environment laws and regulations under the Environmental Quality Act (EQA), 1974.

Professional Services

Environmental consulting

Total waste management

Environmental monitoring

Tank cleaning management

Air pollution control (APC)

Soil management and conservation

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